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CG Artist - Architectural Visualization

From Passion to achieve

From an industrial draftsman's course, construction has become a passion very quickly.

Also, the discovery of 3D softwares allowing me to use my knowledge gained in construction allowed me to be comfortable in this domain.

The realization of 3D images thus became my favorite activity.


Self-taught and passionate of all,

I developed this thirst for knowledge by scrutinizing every corner of the web to learn the most advanced techniques to achieve photo-realistic images.

From tutorials to tutorials,

one of the surprising training course appeared like magic and therefore

the sudden intuition occurred.

Ciro ... Thank you for your excellent work.

Today, competitive in the world of 3D computer graphics,

I offer my services for the realization of CGI scenes to improve and guide the choices of those who have a house-building project.

| FM3D Portfolio |  | Longperrier - Ile de France | Siret 911 463 107 |

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